Location is everything

20/11/2008 15:48
Baobab Domains is situated in Costa Adeje, one of the most unique areas of Tenerife and definitely one of the most exclusive within the Canary Islands. The resort is nestled alongside the five-star Gran Hotel Bahía Del Duque and a short walking distance from the white sandy beach of Playa Del...

A complete change

18/11/2008 11:10
Baobab, a complete change You may have heard rumours, we are currently undergoing a total change of plans for the new development of Baobab. The complex will still consist of 140 apartments, with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms, but they will now ALL face the right way, all terraces will enjoy sunshine from the...

Our vision on architecture

Baobab Domains will become a new reference as regards architecture on the coast of Tenerife.

  • Through the presence of large window panes, the complex appears light and elegant, which makes residents take part of a unique surrounding.
  • The building consists of more than 40 types of domains, each of them with a large terrace.
  • Typical are the large fronts.  Even our smallest house (1 bedroom) has an 8-metre long front.
  • The top floors possess some special features, with fronts of more than 20 metres and terraces that offer sea views both from the front and the back.
  • Apart from that, the roofs discretely conceal all the installations required for solar-energy.


Our vision on finishings

You buy a completely finished apartment.

  • These apartments are completely arranged and designed with the right materials to meet your expectations.  Our standard equipment consists of the newest trends on floor coating, doors and kitchen appliances. 
  • We are obsessed with offering our clients class and style, without increasing costs.
  • The modern kitchen is included in the living room that opens onto the terrace, so that when you are cooking, you do not feel apart from your company, family and friends.
  • The kitchen is an important area of the apartment.  You can choose from a complete cooking- island or you can integrate the sink and the stove into a kitchen wall that can be closed with a roll-down shutter.  In this way, the kitchen becomes a reflection of your personal style and a daily source of love for life.
  • Our kitchens consist of all modern appliances: an integrated dishwasher, a microwave and oven combination, a vitro-ceramic cooking range with tip touch, a fridge with freezer, a sink with a design tap and an integrated hood.
  • From the moment you open a cupboard or a drawer, you experience a feeling of extremely high quality and craftsmanship.
  • Even though the temperature is never too high in the Canary Islands, an average of 25° degrees, we have designed a cooling system.   Standard, in each apartment, you will find a modern air-conditioning system completely built-in inside the ceiling.
  • Unique is the individual boiler operated on solar energy to heat the water.

Our vision on the bathrooms

We have created a wellness space for you, where each detail offers peace and comfort. 

  • Style and quality are central here.The bathroom had to be beautiful and practical.  This place is subjected to very hard conditions: heat, moisture, condensation, to name but a few.
  • Because of that, we have chosen highly recommended materials that can offer complete guarantee.  Your bathroom will look fine after a few years of intensive use.
  • A special eye-catcher is a very stylish full walk-in shower.

Our vision on terraces

The wide facades create wide terraces with panoramic views. 

  • Exclusive are the floated terraces covered with a new revolutionary material consisting of wood and PVC.
  • By putting this maintenance-free, durable and environmentally-friendly material on the same level as the interior floor, we create a lovely spacey feeling, so that your terrace becomes a distinguished place in the apartment. 


Our vision on maintenance

We have thought of everything. 

  • All materials used in the common areas have not only been chosen for aesthetic reasons but also for their easy maintenance.  Most green gardens are self-sustaining and a large part of the energy –for the common areas- comes through free solar energy.
  • Moreover, the basic certificate foresees that maintenance will be carried out by the operating company, so that optimal efficiency will be obtained and, therefore, the staff required will be minimal.


Our vision for contracts

Actually there are two major steps in your purchase: the sales contract and the notarial act.

In general, we ask for a deposit to 40 % of the total price and the balance paid to the notary.  You have to pay 5% VAT of the total amount. Our sales contract meets all legal requirements and there you will find the exact location, a description and price.  The agreed price is FIXED and NON-INDEXABLE for the entire construction period.


Our vision of the basic certificate

The basic documents for this new building are formatted in such a way that you, as owner, will only pay for the cost of maintaining the common areas.

  • All costs that can be assigned to an owner or a group of owners will be borne by this owner or group.  For example, you will not co-finance the running of the lounge-pool bar, or the maintenance of your neighbour’s private swimming pool.  Only the owners concerned will pay for these costs.
  • Moreover, measures have been taken to guarantee the uniform aspect of the building completely free. For example, a single owner does not have the potential to proceed, without the approval of the other owners, to make any changes in his garden or terrace.


Our vision of the Baobab Concept

  • During the realisation and sale of our previous projects, we always asked ourselves one question: “How can we adapt our next project to the needs of the buyer?” In other words: How can we link an investment to the enjoyment of its own use?  - How can we ensure a return when the owner is not present? 
  • In this way, the unique concept named Baobab Domains was created. Through the massive positive feedback from our customers, we know that the concept is good. 
  • Indeed, Baobab Domains consist of offering - to the demanding owner - a return through leasing his second home when he is not present, although a determined services during his stay.


Our vision on clear and complete information

On our plans, the furniture is drawn to scale

  • Very important: the declared surfaces cover the living areas without including the surface of terraces and communal areas. This makes a big difference. 
  • A square metre is not the same everywhere. Our sales manager listens attentively to your wishes and goals. In this way we can inform you of the most suitable property for you. The purchase of an apartment is a very important decision and has to be well thought-out.  It is important for you to be thoroughly informed and be able to establish comparisons, because we are convinced that you will eventually choose Baobab Domains.  Our offer is unique in Tenerife.


We make your decision less stressful

Imagine you have found the apartment of your dreams.

  • Then the most stressful period begins: the purchase (the legal and financial management). For many buyers, this is a long unknown process, especially in a foreign country.
  • Which documents are needed? How to pay?  Is my payment safe?  Which financial guarantees do I have? What should I do to avoid problems? All our documents follow the legal requirements for property developments and rental operations.
  • Each deposit you make is assured. Moreover, our solid financial foundation offers you an extra guarantee. You benefit from our building experience and our perspective of the rental market at the chosen locations. You are doing business with a very distinguished agent on the real estate market.

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